Who are we

We are Dark Knights Miniature Painting Service that provide affordable painting and custom scale models to real collectors. Our emphasis is on painting esthetically pleasing historical miniatures and special models of a high artistic caliber.

Which scales

We paint in many scales including 15mm, 28mm, 54mm 75 mm, 90 mm and 120mm and dioramas for spesial orders.

Which historical periods

We paint figures for all eras and genres including: Ancients, Medieval, English Civil War, Thirty Years War, Napoleonic Wars, The Great War, WWII, Vietnam, Modern military skirmishes (i.e. Mogadishu 93), Middle Eastern, Fantasy, and Futuristic covered, but we never rule anything out :). Just let us know what you need and we will provide the rest.

Painting Proccess

Firstly customer send us miniatures, will be painted, also send us related informations about colours and painting style. Period for ordered paintings is approximately 2-6 weeks. As painting period finishes, we send finished paintings' photos to customer and customer appreciates quality.